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[Mi & Me] Story of Mi and Me + Redmi 1s

Afny Story
Story of Mi and Me
It's Time for me to share my story with mi, firstly I Will introduce Myself, my real name is afny hermayanty, i'm from sukabumi city, west java, indonesia. my job is still a student. one more things, my english is not good enough, so sorry for that before. more about me here.

How do you know Xiaomi? 
hey i know MIUI but i don't know xiaomi, i know MIUI from my friend, he use MIUI on her xperia tipo, and it's amazing look !
I know Xiaomi from indonesian local store named tabletpcmall(if i'm not forgot), they sell redmi 1 and they said that product (100.000 unit xiaomi hongmi also known as redmi 1) just sold out in china in 90 second, that's really awesome, they said it's apple from china, i know xiaomi don't like be said apple from china, so sorry, it's what the store said, not me okay? :D
btw, that's about 1 years ago, maybe desember 2013.

Which is your first Xiaomi product? 
because i'm from indonesia, my first xiaomi product is redmi 1s, i just buy it from my friend that he bought from lazada at first flash sale, in the second flash sale, i got one more redmi 1s for my cousin, next flash sale I'm gonna buy redmi 1s again for my sister, my sister so shock/suprised when saw this phone, also my cousin.

before MI come to indonesia, i really want redmi 1s that is sold in kaskus fjb(indonesian largest forum), but i don't have much money because they sell it for IDR 2.500.000 - IDR 2.800.000 about two or three months ago.
so with the money i have(about IDR 1.700.000), i become a mini reseller in my city, and promote what i soldl in facebook group called "SUKABUMI SHOPPING".
it's the list what i sold :
- tongsis also known as "tongkat narsis"(stick narcissistic) in indonesian language.
- Lazypod
- Waterproof universal case for smartphone
- padlock helm

look at this picture :
Mi & Me

seriously, i become a mini reseller for bought MI Phone.
from that work, now i have IDR 2.800.000, now it's just IDR 1.300.000 because already bought redmi 1s, after Mi3's come to indonesia, maybe i will sell my redmi 1s, collect more money, and buy mi3.
i hope Mi3's come to indonesia. 

Why do you love Xiaomi? 
i think love doesn't need a reason 
how dare you made a question like that for me? LOL 
for a student like me, and a person like me that have low budget, MI very help for me, because they sell something really good with low price, the build quality and performance is awesome, not yet for the periodical update of MIUI ROM, the awesome looks of MIUI, MIUI's feature, awesome theme that created by awesome people.

Ah.. i think who know MI also know it, if i have to say one by one, it's too much to said. the most important MI very care about the MiFans. agreed?

What is your story with Mi? 
i don't know what spesific about this question, what i do with my redmi 1s is always took a photos and selfie with it LOL. 
i'm in love with redmi 1s in first look, and the camera was great LOL.
when i buy redmi 1s, i show off my redmi 1s to my sister and my cousin, my cousin just like me, what her saw firstly is the rear and front camera, she look suprised with the camera, it's so clear and nice, she wanna buy this redmi 1s too!
she makes a request to me for buy it from lazada and i got it from second flash sale with really hardwork. 
Mi & Me

when my holiday has finished, i will show off my redmi 1s to my friends too, i think they will more surprised !! many of them don't know about what is that xiaomi, they must be ready to buy it too hahahaha LOL 

btw i had win some contest from MI before, here's the list :
- I win in-ear headphone from facebook fanspage "MIUI INDONESIA", you can ask moderator pekikz to ask the truth 
Mi & Me
- I win a contest "show your love towards mi indonesia" i really surprised when see the first page of the thread, and refresh the first page many time that maybe i just wrong and dreaming, i really shock why admin choose me? i think other people work harder than me, i'm so happy because of that and my love for MI become more powerfull 
Afny Hermayanty

and that's it my story with MI, at the end, please comment if you like it, wish me luck ! 

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[Mi & Me] Story of Mi and Me + Redmi 1s
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September 15, 2014 at 1:50 AM

Nice story :)
Ga sengaja mbaca di forum MIUI dan ternyata mbak Afny punya blog.
Salam --

September 15, 2014 at 11:05 AM This comment has been removed by the author.

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